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Fair Haven Home for Men is a faith-based, non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization that has been working to rescue the lives of men bound by addiction since 2010. We provide restorative care to those who come to us in need. The ultimate goal is for our residents to begin productive lives after the program and completely overcome their addictions.



To bring new life to men bound by addiction



Men living meaningful lives in faith, family, and community.


See Men's Lives Change

Our vision is to see men's lives changed and relationships restored. A man's responsibility to his family is just one motivation for our desire to see men turn from a life of desperation and addiction to a life of sobriety. 


See Our Ministry Expand

We are calling all donors to partner with us in our mission to provide adequate housing for the men currently in our program and men we want to be able to join our program. We need expanded facilities to provide the best care possible.


Pour Back into the Community

Through our Fairhaven thrift store we are able to raise money for Fairhaven home for men while providing second hand items at good prices to the community. We hope this facility provides hope for all those who walk through its doors.

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