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Our Foundation

Long before Fair Haven Home for Men was started, Pastor Alfred Willis of Life Baptist Church in Saint Stephen, SC was caring for the homeless and destitute. After over 20 years of caring for both the physical and spiritual needs of those largely ignored by society, Pastor Willis felt the Lord was callling him to expand the church's mission field and serve more people by creating a "safe haven" to rescue men who had faced adversities in life such as addictions, homelessness, etc. Certain in his calling, Pastor Willis officially started Fair Haven Home for Men with the assistance of Jeff Krontz in 2010.

Our Leadership

In 2009, a long-time member of Life Baptist Church, Jeff Krontz returned with his family from an eight year mission trip to Bulgaria. Having dealt with many homeless, alcholics, and addicts in Bulgaria due to the large economic collapse, Jeff was prepared to join with Pastor Willis in developing a restitution center that would provide help to men with both physical and spiritual problems. Currently, Jeff Krontz is the offical director for Fair Haven Home for Men.

In 2013, Phillip Willis became the full time representative for the home.  As of now, he spends at least two weeks each month on the road visiting churches to seek financial help as well as volunteer support for Fair Haven.

Our Mission

Watch our video to hear testimonies of men who have been through our program and to hear our director speak about the mission and founding of Fairhaven Home for Men.

Where we're headed

In 2011, Fair Haven's Board of Directors approved the purchase of a 27-acre parcel of land in the town of Saint Stephen, SC. Hugh Giggleman, a member of the board, created the Master Plan for the site, the environmental review, and the architectural drawings for the largest building planned for the site. Once the approval of the plans was secured, the work began for the construction of a building that would house twenty men. As of now, the foundation has been laid, Framing of the building complete, Outside siding is done and the basic plumbing has been installed, much through the volunteer efforts of Tim Aytes of Timco Company, Pastor Wayne Gassaway from Gaffney, SC, Tommy Dandridge of Dandridge Plumbing, Shane Moody of Twin Oaks Construction, the men of Community Baptist Church, and the men of Life Baptist. The next phase will be completed when sufficient funding has been acquired.  

Our Staff

We are so grateful for the team at Fairhaven. Without these folks, the men's home could not properly serve the residents and minister to their needs. Each and every staff member plays a vital role to our ministry.

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